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      Injection moulding China – Varied with reservations


      Where should I now have my injection moulded parts made? In Germany? In China? A justified question which needs to be answered with a sense of proportion and vision. Our experience gained with series production in China means we are a good advisor. It has to be individually decided with large-scale production whether production in China or Germany is advisable. Injection moulded part complexity, material properties and the intended purpose – numerous parameters need to be considered.

      Thus obtaining plastic of a constant quality or fulfilling all standards may prove to be complicated. Essentially it is not advisable to have small to medium-sized lots produced The costs and outlay for logistics and organization are simply too high. This is why our dual system provides you with considerable scope for series production at the Endingen injection moulding centre together with production sites in China.

      Manufacturing “rapid injection moulded parts” and pre-series following tool production in China is, on the other hand, recommended. A modern infrastructure and state-of-the art machinery mean that injection moulded parts can be manufactured economically and in a technically demanding manner as pre-series runs.

      Profile - Injection moulded parts from China

      • Ideal for manufacturing pilot and pre-series
      • Check from time to time whether large-scale series can be easily undertaken in China.
      • Various processes for the production of injection moulded parts as prototypes are possible.
      • Injection tests in the original plastic or in a variety of plastics
      • Injection moulded prototypes with the SLT process
      • Manufacturing complex multi-component injection moulded parts in the transfer method
      • Fabrication of precision industrial injection moulded parts
      • Suited for validation and true representation of the plastic part
      • Unlimited options in machining, processing and finishing the injection moulded parts

      Supplementary services on injection moulded parts from China

      Chrome-plating, printing, labelling, fitting - unlimited opportunities in China for machining, processing and finishing your injection moulded parts. Everything is possible, usually at low prices within a brief production and delivery period. Manufacturing pre-series with full-scale product tests allow AsMoPLAST to open up new horizons for you.

      You can also expect remarkable benefits in module assembly at AsMoPLAST. For this, you will find departments and even entire manufacturing facilities in China which reliably handle all assembly work.

      A big plus at AsMoPLAST is especially the manual intensive work, such as assembling various components and packing based on customized specifications. Whether unpacked as bulk goods, in packaging units or singly in a PE bag practically no limits are placed on customer packaging requests.

      To round off our supply offer, we can provide you with our own storage possibilities in Hong Kong for your products.

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