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    • Lived quality


      Quality awareness is felt in every fibre at AsMoPLAST. It doesn't matter whether the tool is produced here in Germany or in China or whether a major or minor project is involved. Our customers obtain an immediately deployable, top quality injection mould at favourable, requirements-based costs.

      We look back on a track record spanning many years in precision mould construction and injection moulding technology. There is scarcely anything we have not implemented possessing, as we do, industry-wide know-how. And we are not marking time - rather it is a case of us constantly developing. So that we provide you with that quality tomorrow and in the future.

      The entire process from consulting and planning through to project set-up and implementation is based on transparency and security. Everything is detailed in technical documentations and in consultation with our customers. We monitor the quality in every process phase. That is something we live and have had certificated.

      Certificated quality

      ISO 9001 lays down those minimum stipulations placed on a quality management system which companies are to implement to meet customer requirements and other specifications placed on product and services quality.

      The wide extent of ISO 9001-based quality management systems clearly points to the tried -and-tested nature of quality management in optimizing one’s own business performance. An ISO 9001-based certification of the QM system can further enhance the profitable potential of one’s own quality management.

      A certification based on ISO 9001 furnishes proof that we can both talk about excellent quality and have it actively implemented into our operations.

      Contract reliance as a quality feature

      More performance. More service. More success. That is AsMoPLAST’s principle. And to uphold this in the future, you have the choice between AsMoPLAST Germany and AsMoPLAST China as contractual partners.

      AsMoPLAST Engineering GmbH in Endingen has all the warranties and services available in matters of German standards. Any contract finalization of companies from Germany, Switzerland and Austria with Chinese business partners is always fraught with considerable uncertainties. Conclusion of a contract with AsMoPLAST Engineering GmbH removes this risk for you.

      Even with AsMoPLAST China as your contractual partner, we still vouch for the customary quality and security AsMoPLAST standards. By comparison, there are differences in the warranties and services which, of course, can be optionally made available to you.

      AsMoPLAST China is of particular interest for companies with sites abroad. Here, AsMoPLAST China provides you with the shortest path to your goal; the project is fully implementable through China and thus can be handled that much quicker.

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