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    • Your project in capable hands


      What does a good project manager need?

      Competence? Sounds reasonable. Experience? Certainly does no harm. Organisational talent? Why not. Associated with a host of international projects? Could be useful. These characteristics and a few others are united here at AsMoPLAST. That is something we support straight away. Whether regionally, internationally or across Germany.

      Our project management ensures reliability and provides you with an overview at all times. Particularly projects in China require numerous conditions to be taken into consideration. Professional planning is a basic requirement for successful, scheduled implementation.

      Our thorough injection moulding competence, market knowledge and our site in China ensure we provide you with project management that operates like clockwork. Wherever that is.

      Profile - Project management

      • Assuming complete project management
      • Layout and design meetings
      • Drafting project plans with clear-cut production and delivery times
      • Continuous updating with definition and possible requisite steps given any non-conformities
      • Definition of change and optimization steps
      • On-site monitoring of schedules
      • Checking that all specifications and customer stipulations are kept to
      • Technical acceptance inspection of injection moulding tools

      Global project management

      Professional project coordination and continuous monitoring during implementation are needed for adherence to the schedule and the required quality for projects in China. The crucial factor: We are continuously on-site and thus ensure thorough checking of the processing and adherence to customer stipulations, specifications and schedules.

      We point to any problems at an early stage, work out alternatives and solutions, provide recommendations for a suitable plastic, search for the ideal manufacturing process and support you in the further processing and finishing of your products. AsMoPLAST project management means you are always on the safe side. Decisive benefits come from our global network in combination with our on-site knowledge. To remove risks and make use of all the chances.

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