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      After-sales – Service mould construction


      So as not to be considered as a “one-night stand” but as a serious candidate for a long-term relationship, we set great store on a comprehensive after-sales service. We constantly support you to ensure you obtain sustainably fault-free production runs. You will find first-rate requirements here in our Service mould construction.

      We put you in a position to rapidly carry out the most varied of adjustments, optimizations, changes and repairs to your injection moulding tools at low cost. And it does not matter whether your injection moulding tools come from our own production or a contracted source.

      A significant added value comes with combining Service mould construction in Endingen with injection moulding tools produced in China. We test them in depth; tool sample inspections, material tests and function tests can all be carried out.

      And we are always at your side if things go wrong. We will quickly and simply help out in an emergency. You can rely on us here.

      Profile - Service mould construction

      • Appraisal and examination
      • Cleaning
      • Maintenance and service
      • Overhauls
      • Repairs
      • Process-related optimizations
      • Changes and inspections
      • Adjustments and retrofitting work resulting from part modifications
      • Extensions resulting from part modifications
      • Replacement parts management
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