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    • Two construction mould worlds in a centre


      The home of our family-run business is Endingen am Kaiserstuhl, but we are at home throughout the world. With Managing Proprietor Simon Zügel at the head, a world-wide operating innovator with production facilities in Germany and China has developed out of a regional mould constructor.

      The injection moulding centre in Endingen and the varied production capacities in the Far East have created optimum conditions for our customers. You expect the competence of a German specialist for precision mould construction and injection moulding technology in association with some significant price benefits by producing in China.

      Thanks to this dual system we can provide you with a benefit unique to the industry. You obtain everything from a single source, are flexibly set up production-wise and thus ensure you are truly fit for the future.

      AsMoPLAST Headquarters

      The heart of the AsMoPlast Group beats at Endingen am Kaiserstuhl in Baden where all the brainstorming takes place. Managing, organizing, controlling and producing are all done at the headquarters.

      Professional planning is the basic requirement for successful, scheduled implementation of projects. We point to any problems at an early stage, work out alternatives and solutions, provide recommendations for a suitable plastic, search for the ideal manufacturing process and support you in the further processing and finishing of your products.

      Opening the injection moulding centre at the Endingen site has clearly extended our flexibility and benefits for our customers. Perfect conditions for the overall production process have been created in the new production bay. Of course, with the „Made in Germany“ quality claim in its original form.

      Production location - China

      Our first rendezvous with China as the production location took place just under 20 years ago. A true romance has developed from what was a difficult relationship with numerous obstacles at the beginning. It has been a long and difficult path - but being faithful has been worthwhile (read more on this in our story). The expertise built up over many years and the ample experience gained have given rise to a project management with guaranteed quality and delivery reliability.

      There is hardly anything we have not already experienced. Without knowledge of the Chinese mentality and the specific requirements in the Far East, any production is bound up with numerous incalculable risks. On the other hand, we can ensure precision-correct manufacturing in China from our site there and do not shy away from handing out guarantees for work and services. Our customers really appreciate this contractual reliability. We keep to what we promise.

      Based on this sound, stable foundation, AsMoPLAST provides you with great opportunities in mould construction in China. The production site has a range of machinery which caters for every requirement and allows the most varied of injection moulding tools to be made. This holds good especially for large, complex tools. Furthermore, we have numerous low-cost possibilities available for manufacturing prototype tools and pre-series in the original plastic.

      Dual system - We connect mould construction worlds

      Germany and China – the best from two mould construction worlds effectively combined. That is AsMoPLAST’s formula for success. It is not always advisable to undertake complete projects in Germany. But on the other hand not every manufacturing order can be simply outsourced to China.

      And this is where we come in. Your requirements profile can clearly point to whether manufacturing in China or in Germany is the best solution. Or perhaps whether a combination of the two mould construction worlds is the solution. For instance, the moulds produced in China could be deployed at the Endingen injection moulding centre so you are supplied with completely mould plastic parts „Made in Germany“.

      Especially when your products need to be market-ready quickly and the pressure of costs is rising, then this flexible set-up can turn us into your ideal partner. We have created the perfect conditions for you - for today, tomorrow and the future.

      One-stop-shop - Everything under one roof from a single source

      In mould construction and injection moulded parts production, the AsMoPLAST Group provides its customers with everything from a single source. From tool design and mould construction through to tool sample inspection, parts production, customized module assembly and packaging.

      We not only consider ourselves to be manufacturers of injection moulding tools and injection moulded parts. We can advise and monitor your activities. Beginning with engineering and consulting through to taking on complete management. In us - and in global projects in particular - you have found a strong 100% performer who has everything under control and with the required overview.  A strategic partner who successfully takes on the project management for you. You can rely on us here.

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