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    • Being AsMoPLAST – Together into the future


      Mould construction is in the blood and DNS of the family-run business. Our tradition is bound up with seeking the perfect solution in tool design, fault-free manufacturing of injection moulding tools and precision production of injection moulded parts.

      However, it was noted at an early stage that the market is changing and that this will have massive implications for domestic production and therefore an orientation not only confined to Germany. Thus AsMoPLAST’s global orientation represents a decisive success factor. Courage and dynamism have accompanied this way forward to remain competitive and fully meet our customers’ requirements.

      Thanks to this early orientation – managing shareholder Simon Zügel went on a “Moulding-Sightseeing-Tour“ in China as far back as 2001 – customers can now be assured of reliability and stability in international production.

      At the same time in order to stay independent and quickly react to market developments, production capacities in Germany have been constantly expanded. This development is being pressed ahead with all vigour. Together with his wife Katharina, Simon Zügel is leading the family business into a promising future.

      Values we hold to be binding

      AsMoPLAST is not any dealer but a medium sized company with both roots and character. Simon Zügel as managing shareholder personally stands behind this statement. During his training in the home-based mould construction company he not only acquired the technical know-how but also those values which are part and parcel of AsMoPLAST’s identity.

      Reliability, responsibility and honesty represent our basic virtues. Quality-only thinking, contractual reliance and delivery effectiveness are for us quite obvious. Whether production is undertaken in the beautiful Kaiserstuhl or in far-off China.

      We feel committed to the customer

      Our customer orientation extends well beyond our basic business fields. Our aim is always bound up with your success and for your ideas to become ready-to-market, first class products. We wish to go along this path with you.

      We are not simply interested in selling but want to sustainably win you over and strive for long-term cooperation. That is why you can expect more from us in matters of consulting, support and service. You can rely on us here.

      AsMoPLAST employees – Staff involvement as success factor

      Our staff are not replaceable but are a vital part of our success story. Continuity and a high level of staff involvement are decisive in creating sustainable values and ensuring constant high quality. For this, we have created a humane family environment in which everyone is listened to and feels fine.

      At the same time we encourage and challenge our AsMoPLAST employees, train them, provide further training, honour their work and expect dedication, identification and self-initiative. A give and take that is good for both sides.

      Different opinions, controversial discussions, such as how the joint goal is to be reached, are a part of our corporate culture and promote a performance-oriented effect. After all, friction generates heat which, in term, generates fire with pure energy. We use this energy to our benefit.

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