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    • Technological lead and security

      Your engineering requests come true at the injection moulding technical centre. You can research, test, sample-inspect, analyse, optimize and prepare to your heart’s content. In fact, do everything that your injection moulding heart desires. From Moldflow, DFM analyses to injection tests, the opportunities are far-reaching.

      In the injection moulding technical centre you can use all the components creating the requirements for an optimal production process. Our aims are directed to optimizing and shortening your entire development process, assessing the functionality of your product at an early stage, and obtaining perfect value creation in the production process.

      We are there to find the best possible solution for what you have in mind in the injection moulding technical centre lab. Whether your products are to be manufactured in China or in Germany. This is our promise.

      Profile - Injection moulding technical centre

      • DFM analysis
      • Moldflow analysis
      • Application support in the injection mould
      • Tool sample inspections
      • Technical acceptance inspections
      • Process optimization and injection tests
      • Manufacturing pre-series in the injection moulding process
      • Establishing optimization steps for tools and injection moulded parts
      • Carrying out optimization work and changes on injection moulding tools
      • Process-enabling analyses with injection moulding tools
      • Preparing initial sample test reports including measurement in the CT process
      • Drafting specifications for injection moulding tools, machines and peripheral equipment

      Moldflow analyses: Optimization of injection moulded parts, injection moulding tools and processes

      The Moldflow analysis gives you the opportunity to simulate all injection moulding operations in advance. The data on the whole injection moulding process from the simulation reveal optimization potentials early on, point to weak spots and any fatal faults before design and manufacturing.

      This allows crucial improvements to be carried out in good time. Optimization of the injection moulding tools and thus of the injection moulded parts prior to production beginning prevents expensive re-working, ensures optimum production and shortens the entire development time of your product.

      Overview of Moldflow services

      • Mould filling
      • Post-pressure phase
      • Optimization of the gating position
      • Balancing and optimizing the sprue system
      • Cycle time determination
      • Warping optimization
      • 1C and multi-component analysis
      • Fibre orientation
      • Cooling and temperature control
      • Cascade control
      • Re-injection of inserted parts

      DFM analyses – fixed constituent of any project at AsMoPLAST

      The DFM analysis is not as extensive as the Moldflow analysis. In Design for Manufacturing (DFM), the focus is directed to the subsequent production even during the development of a product. The DFM analysis is carried out for both complete products, modules and individual components.

      Our aim is to ensure preferably efficient and thus reasonably priced production and further processing. That is why the DFM analysis is always included and forms part of our quality management.

      CAD tool designs - cost minimization, productivity maximization

      We work with a state-of-the-art CAD software with all the required scope. However, what really matters is not the software but our technicians. They understand their trade admirably, are experts in tool construction and have an outstanding track record extending over many years and across many branches. Only like this does the CAD design have a special added value for you.

      Our CAD tool designs ensure dependable product development in manufacturing a fault-free injection moulding tool. Or they ensure the best possible solution for your requirements profile.

      Benefits -  CAD tool designs

      • The 3D models fully display the injection moulding tools with all their functionalities.
      • The technical drawings are completed on the basis of the models
      • For the realization phase, important data and manufacturing information are derived from the CAD designs.
      • The material properties allow various scenarios to be played through to bring about the best possible material and production solution.

      Specifications and tender specifications – for a smooth project sequence

      The preparation of tender specifications in every detail is an important component in ensuring that smooth running of a project.  We jointly prepare them based on your individual requirements profile. In so doing, we distinguish between tool-related tender specifications and general ones.

      The content includes goals, tasks assignments, requirements, schedules or design provisions and key tool-related data. We are happy to support and accompany you. Together we always have everything under control and can survey everything.

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